• Are there tutoring jobs available for extra money?

    Yes. Once you have started teaching at your school you will probably learn about multiple opportunities for tutoring and other ways to make some quick cash. If you’re a good tutor, you can make about 250 RMB per hour ($38/hr). If you live in a place with few foreigners, your face will stand out and ultimately land you some good opportunities. Most teaching contracts will forbid you from tutoring your own students or students that go to your school. Tutors usually charge between 100-350 RMB/hour.

  • Where in China will I teach and in what schools?

    We recruit for kindergartens, primary, middle and high schools, English training schools and universities all over China. Please feel free to tell us if you have a preference for where you want to live or what type of climate you prefer. 

  • Will I have enough money to support myself?

    Schools offer a competitive salary that provides a good standard of living in China, Teachers generally find that their salary gives them a purchasing in China that is much stronger than in their home country. It’s possible to live comfortably and save up to half your salary.

  • Can my partner or friends teach in the same school with me?

    Yes! We’ll do all we can to keep you together. There might not be a pair of openings available at the same school. If that’s the case, we’ll try to keep you both in the same city. 

  • Can I teach subjects other than English?

    Most teachers just teach the English language, but there are some opportunities to teach other subjects if you’re qualified to do so. The subjects in highest demand include science, math, and computer science. Some schools also are looking for physical education and social studies teachers. 

  • How much do English teachers make in China?

    Salaries can vary greatly in China depending on where you work, how many hours you work, which levels you teach and which school employs you. A good wage that you should expect to find quite easily is around 10000 – 20000 RMB / month. Usually, teachers also receive extra allowance on top of their wage.

  • What facilities are typically included in the apartment?

    It’s usually a completely furnished apartment with a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet with shower. There’s also a television and Internet, etc.

  • Is accommodation provided?

    Mostly Yes. It’s either an apartment or a housing allowance.This depends on your contract. In the big cities, you might be required to share the apartment to bring down the accommodation costs but most are single living. In smaller cities, it’s not uncommon to have larger housing.

  • Will I be required to work at outside locations?

    This depends on your contract, but many schools do send their teachers on secondment to other schools in the area, especially if you are teaching in a rural part of China where foreign teachers are scarce.

  • How many paid holidays will I receive each year?

    It depends on your contract. Generally speaking, there are around 11 national holidays throughout the year, and most contracts will offer extra paid holidays. Your contract will make it clear. This also goes for summer breaks (especially at universities.)

  • How do I teach English in China if I don’t speak Chinese?

    If the school is reputable, it will most likely have rules to ensure the students learn in a 100% English environment. Chinese will not be allowed.

  • What is a lesson plan and how do I write one?

    If you have a TEFL/TESOL qualification, you will be familiar with writing a daily lesson plan to guide your class learning. It includes elements such as the title of the lesson, the time required to complete it, a list of required materials, and a list of the objectives.

  • How many students are in a classroom?

    The number of students in a classroom will vary depending on the school. Public schools have as many as 50 students, which can be difficult to control; private schools limit class numbers to around 12. 

  • Why is a university degree important for working in China?

    University degrees are mandatory for applying for a work visa because they guarantee your qualification to teach in China.