English Teacher

  1. Name : MW25493556
  2. Gender : Female
  3. Nationality : Belgium
  4. Experience : 1 year
  5. Education : Bachelor Degree
  6. Salary : 10000-15000RMB/month

Education Background

Education Period: 2011/09 - 2015/09
School: HEB - ISTI
Major:Translation and Interpreting (English and Chinese)
Degree:Bachelor's Degree
This Bachelor program was designed to give student a solid background in English and in American and British culture with courses such as : American Culture, British Culture, Phonetics, Grammar, Linguistics, Translation (from French to English), English Oral Text Contraction and Conversation.

Education Period: 2014/09 - 2015/01
School: Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
Major:Language Programe
This program was an opportunity to help me increase my Chinese level to an intermediate level, while living in a Chinese speaking country. I was able to develop my conversational skills and to work in peers with Taiwanese students to learn Chinese while teaching English and French.

Work Experience

Time Period: 2016/02 - 2016/05
Company Name: Schola
Occupation:Other Teaching/Training
Work Experience:
• Helped small groups of pupils (8 children) in difficulty or struggling at school to avoid dropping out of school and truancy
• Helped pupils to discover their own value through talks, games and exercises
• Tailored lessons according to students needs
• Tutored French-speaking children in English

Time Period: 2014/09 - 2015/01
Company Name: Private Tutoring
Occupation:English Teaching
Work Experience:
• Tutored groups of 4 Chinese-speaking students in English and French as a Second Language at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
• Used songs, games and role-playing to improve their language communication skills and their pronunciation
• Proofread students’ texts

Time Period: 2009/04 - 2011/07
Company Name: Stages de Vacances
Occupation:Other Teaching/Training
Work Experience:
During Spring and Summer Holidays from 2009 to 2011, I was a Theatre teacher and Tutored small groups (5-10 children) of Elementary School pupils.
• Developed pupils’ creativity by writing an original play
• Helped children to express their ideas and their feelings
• Developed team building by playing specific games
• Built pupils’ self-confidence