English Teacher

  1. Name : MW25496363
  2. Gender : Male
  3. Nationality : US
  4. Experience : 10 years
  5. Education : Bachelor Degree
  6. Salary : 15000-20000RMB/month

Education Background

Education Period: 2008/01 - 2011/08
School: University of Central Florida
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies BA, Digital Media Minor
Degree: Bachelor's Degree

Education Period: 2005/09 - 2007/12
School: Valencia Community College
Major: General Studies
Highest Degree: Associate Degree

Work Experience

Time Period: 2012/12 - 2013/12
Company Name: First Leap Institute
Occupation: English Teaching
Work Experience:
Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Position Held: Foreign Teacher
Duties: Aided in the teaching of English to children, with the use of various media(i.e. smart-boards) and crafts.

Time Period: 2009/12 - 2012/09
Company Name: Charles R Cowart & Associates
Occupation: Secretarial / Office Management
Work Experience:
Location: Kissimmee, Florida, USA
Position Held: Office Assistant
Duties: My duties included entry-level office work at a real estate appraisal office. I edited reports, made copies, took photographs of properties, and researched properties for inspection.

Time Period: 2006/03 - 2009/06
Company Name: Hollywood Video
Occupation: Customer Service
Work Experience:
Location: Winter Park, Florida, USA
Position Held: Shift Director
Duties: My duties included handing customer disputes, doing morning and closing paperwork, and making bank deposits. I also supervised and helped train Customer Service Representatives.

Time Period: 2014/02 - Present
Company Name: Field Education
Occupation: English Teaching
Work Experience:
Worked as a Native English Teacher. Instructed students in the English language, as well as designed lesson plans and gave demonstration lessons.