English Teacher

  1. Name : MW23665985
  2. Gender : Female
  3. Nationality : Canada
  4. Experience : 5 years
  5. Education : Bachelor Degree
  6. Salary : 15000-20000RMB/month

Education Background

Education Period: 2006/09 - 2010/06
School: Emily Carr University of Fine Arts
Major: BA. Fine Arts
Degree: Professional

Work Experience

Time Period: 2013/09 - Present
Company Name: Beijing Capital High School attached to Normal University
Occupation: English Teaching
Work Experience:
I prepared all lesson plans well in advance, each lesson tailored specially to each class, as English levels varied throughout the school. With a strong focus on oral expression, I created lessons that were engaging, adaptable, useful and relevant but most of all, fun! I would attend extra-curricular activities for the students, and proudly show my allegiance to my school and students.

Time Period: 2013/02 - 2013/08
Company Name: Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Occupation: Secretarial / Office Management
Work Experience:
This position with the CNRL safety department has really strengthened my skills and understanding of the SH&E culture. 
I would receive preliminary incident reports and investigate root causes to come to a final outcome. Corrective actions were a portion of these reports, but just as much, if not more, of the effort was placed on preventing incidents by changing behaviors. I would attend 5 – 8 safety meetings per month, create presentations, conduct them and record/send out minutes for each. I was responsible for collecting the information for the monthly site wide Horizon newsletter including writing the safety talk. I would prepare weekly and monthly safety reports for several business units, capturing the stats of leading and lagging indicators, and Recordable Injury Frequency’s. I would organize training courses for safety personnel and run a weekly ‘near miss/hazard id’ draw of random cards to win a prize.

Time Period: 2011/09 - 2012/12
Company Name: Hassan Family (Private Contract)
Occupation: English Teaching
Work Experience:
As a live-in English teacher, I had plenty of opportunities to not only focus solely on English lessons, but had the opportunity to use everyday English throughout the week, at a grocery store, taking the bus or visiting a museum. This position entailed tutoring 3 children under the age of 10, instilling in me, the creativity needed to cater to different English levels in any situation, while also holding an enormous amount of active responsibility for their well being.

Time Period: 2011/03 - 2013/08
Company Name: Royal Conservatory of Music
Occupation: Other Teaching / Training
Work Experience:
The Learning Through The Arts program is a unique way to help youth engage in their classes, by teaching their curriculum through art-based lesson plans.