English teacher

  1. Type : Language School
  2. Location : Sichuan Province
  3. Requirements : Any
  4. Salary : 10000-15000RMB/month

Job Descripition

We're professionally engaged in preschool children's English education, consulting and service of the American owned company, the introduction of advanced English teaching materials, teaching concept, teaching mode and teaching methods, combined with the American education system, multimedia interactive teaching in one.

1. 3-12 years old children within 12 students per group
2. 10000-15000RMB/month,
3. 50RMB per signed student,
4. Single ticket provided after one year contract, return ticket to China provided if you sign the second year,
5. Visa and accommodation provided,
6. Public holidays off and 10 days off with paid, Mondays and Tuesdays off
7. 17:00-20:30 from Wednesday to Friday, 9:00-16:30 on weekends

Job Requirements

Good appearance, decent accent, some teaching experience with kids, female teachers, 20-35 years old